Beef Steak Stir Fry Strips

  • £7.00

Doweys own gold standard steak strips of U3 quality grade local heifer beef, thinly sliced tender beef strips ready to add to the wok or quick casserole.

We started slicing our beef in a multitude of modern ways over 35 years ago, contrary to some traditional methods. John Dowey learned personally the continental methods of cutting and trimming some cuts or primal joints of meat by a very clever Dutchman. These methods have now been adopted by many modern butchers. John Dowey has traveled widely on various "busman's holidays" and enjoyed meeting his foreign counterparts in the trade. Doweys enjoy experimenting with new methods and many of them find their way into our products.

Doweys have been teaching apprentices butchers for years and the skill is in being able to teach what he has learned to his apprentices.

The beef strips we use are NOT scraps but choice slices of prime beef, cut in a way to promote tenderness. We advise adding a little rapeseed oil or low fat spray to the strips and fry off before adding a healthy portion of chopped or finely sliced vegetables

This product will naturally darken under the vacuum packaging and will brighten to red when opened.

Quick Stir Fry 7-10minutes

Each Pack contains 390g