Fillet Steak

Fillet Steak

  • £18.00

Tender Northern Irish Fillet Steak matured for flavour.

Each Pack contains 300g (2 steaks)

This is the most tender part of a side of beef, with only 3kg in a full side of beef. This is a premium tender cut of beef for special occasions. Ideal for frying. Chef's often cook this rare for the best flavour, and if your a connoisseur of beef, request it black and blue so as the outside is seared only. The broadness of a fillet steak is often defined by the conformation of the breed of cattle. You could compare it to a well toned person on a good diet. 

As a child I was shown were each cut of beef was located, describing the muscle action and what it was suitable for. John Dowey would show Simon Dowey as a child, buying at the ring side and inspecting the beef before bidding carefully for the chosen beef. This visual inspection meant Doweys only buy the best. 

The location of the fillet steak is inside the sirloin and it does very little work, therefore extremely tender.

These standards and skills allow us to pick the best. We do not buy old beef, dairy cows or bull beef as they are not as tender as heifer beef. We look for depth of muscle but not bodybuilder bull beef, and not skinny cow beef!

Our farm quality assurance scheme for northern ireland beef is worth a read.