Rib Eye steak

  • £16.50

Doweys rib eye steak from u3 grade heifer beef. Dry aged and hung to mature the flavour.

2 steaks expertly sliced and vacuum packed total 360g

John and Simon pride themselves in our rib eyes. Our beef has been carefully chosen from farms in the rolling hills of Tyrone and throughout Northern Ireland where the best grass is grown. We have buying from the same sources for years.

Originally John and his father, also called John, bought cattle at the markets. Simon says he remember those days too! He was proud to travel to the market place with his grandfather. Simon was always thrilled to get the "luck penny" from the purchase of cattle for the shop.

Over the years livestock markets in Northern Ireland have changed and we adapted our buying habits in order for our Quality not to be compromised. Our shop policy is to maintain extremely high standards for our beef with a preference for U3 grade cattle. Why? Because when you buy one of our top grade steaks you know you have been offered the best. Everyone talks about aging beef and dry aging beef for days on end but this just something that Dowey's have been doing for generations.

How do you judge a steak .... we call it conformation. The eye muscle of the beef must be ample with just a sufficient amount of fat to produce the flavour. It's the combination these things that give our steaks the succulence you demand. John senior was insistent that all steak had to be "hung" (matured ready to eat) and that tradition  doesn't change today.

Each Pack contains a minimum 360g (2 Steaks)