Sirloin Steak (Dry aged)

  • £15.00

Doweys Sirloins are aged and matured in our purpose built chambers.

Everyone considers this the "king" of steaks. Why? It was reputed that King Henry VIII was so impressed with a cut of meat served to him one night that he jumped up from the table and struck the joint of meat with his sword and announced "ARISE SIR LORD OR ...... SIR LOIN" ...... the rest is history. I shall leave you to decide how much truth there may be in this story???

Why choose to buy our sirloins?

We feel that we take a lot of care in choosing a sirloin of Beef on the bone. This is only the first step in a long process of preparing a steak for your enjoyment. The steaks are carefully left to rest in our "maturing fridges" at a constant even temperature. Our "bone in sirloin steak" can be hung for a minimum of 21 days and then matured further "off the bone"  and are seldom sold until 28 or 30 days have passed by.

We carefully remove the bones from the sirloins with loving care bone by bone. This is a highly skilled job undertaken by a team of skilled butchers, no cage boning here!!! When the time comes to slice we do this in a most professional manner.

What is the most important element?

Slicing to the steak at the correct angle to promote the tender grains of beef to be ready for cooking. This is absolutely crucial. The skill required is like that of a surgeon! Once they have been sliced, care is taken to trim any excess fat or unwanted tasteless "tail of sirloin". Thus leaving the customer the view of pure lean muscle. Sufficient fat covering is essential, this helps to produce the flavour we desire from our sirloins ..... ready for you to enjoy. Please don't over cook them ...... taste the difference!

Each Pack contains 360g (2 Thin Sirloins)